A user-friendly exchange platform designed to suit everyone

OptionsMarket.io will become a strong community platform for investors, brokers and holders. We aim to empower novice investors to successfully enter the cryptocurrency market.

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Our Vision

It is surprising that in the multibillion-dollar cryptocurrency market, there is no single exchange that answers all the needs of investors.

Wherever we looked, we always found flaws or discrepancies where there should be a top-notch fintech product. Terrible user interfaces, a convoluted registration process, a lack of basic exchange features or poor efficiency - these are only few of the most common problems. OptionsMarket.io, our revolutionary exchange application, provides a solution to all of these issues and adds a plenty of new ideas to the game.

Our Vision

Beta version

We are aware that screenshots of the application are not sufficient to express the full potential of our new platform. That is why we are going to release a prototype version of trading in our application. Team of OptionsMarket.io developers is constantly working on the beta version for you.

A new generation of crypto exchange

A platform created with professional stock analysts

The only exchange you will ever need. Our trading platform has been fine-tuned to perfection.

  • A sophisticated UI. A great customizable trading platform
  • A wide range of cryptocurrencies, with listing of new established currencies
  • Very low trading fees for everyone
  • High speed thanks to modern technology
  • Margin (leverage) trading with a custom interest rate
  • Your funds are automatically stored on your hardware
  • Features used by Forex professionals
  • Crypto Options Trading - low risk available for all
  • Bot-friendly API
  • Massively popular DEFI exchanges for everyone
security in the first place

All your coins are safe with us

Your security is our priority. We want you to know you that your coins are safe with us. That is why deposits are stored in various hardware wallets with the highest level of security.

  • Anti DDos protection – if an attack occurs, we are able to detect it within seconds and prevent the servers from overloading
  • Two-factor authentication at login
  • Wallet address whitelisting
Smart crypto options trading

Trading crypto options has never been easier

Everyone would like to trade cryptocurrencies today. But ordinary business carries some risk. That's why there's clever crypto options trading that minimizes the risk of losing capital.

  • Open options for trading in cryptocurrencies BTC, ETH, LTC and others.
  • Smart Trade Assistant that can help you make purchase and sale decisions
Profit even for holders
Profit even for holders

You will have profit even though you do not trade

Not everybody is an expert when it comes to trading. That is why our platform aims to support also novice traders and holders. With OptionsMarket.io, everyone makes money.

  • Lending cryptocurrencies with an interest rate set by you
  • Profit sharing for all token holders
  • Distribution of (OPTMARK) tokens for each exchange transaction
Social network inside

We connect people interested in crypto

People interested in cryptocurrencies have formed a great community. Users of our platform will have a chance to improve their knowledge in the field, share their experience, help beginners or simply chat with other cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

  • Group chats on different topics
  • Private chats protected by blockchain technology
Mobile apps
mobile application

Trade and check your profit anywhere

The cryptocurrency market never sleeps. That is why it is important to have access to the trading platform at all times.

  • Native applications for Android and iOS
  • Notifications by Trade Assistant, Alerts, Limits etc.