Options trading can grant you a massive profit

Whether you are an enthusiastic broker or a holder of crypto assets, you can earn money with us.

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Regular rewards even for holders

Cryptocurrencies are the biggest investment opportunity of the last 25 years. Miss it now, and you might regret it for the rest of your life. You don't have to be an expert exchange speculator to invest with us. Our OPTMARK token can easily become the passive income you need. Invest and get your investment back - up to four times each year! Not enough? Lend to OptionsMarket's exchange traders and earn even more. Easy peasy!

1 Fees back to investors

Every exchange is a community. It would not work without traders and investors. We consider it fair to reward the individuals who believe in our platform and take part in our offering. That is why OPTMARK investors will benefit from exchange fees.

80% Fees goes to investors

How does it work?

Every crypto exchange service makes a living from the transaction fees. To ensure that the trading is frictionless, OptionsMarket.io will set the pricing of fees really competitively. Our fees will be basically so low, you won't have to worry about them. 80 % of the fees collected will be distributed among the owners of the OPTMARK token every month. This might be a superb opportunity to multiply the cryptocurrencies you already have.

Revenue under your control

Whenever you invest, you will have a detailed breakdown of your profits. OptionsMarket.io will provide you with a full overview of earnings and complete transaction history.

See the handy visualization of all movements on the account to find out how you are doing at the moment. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Revenue under control

2 Margin trading profit

Lend your coins to margin traders and raise the value of your crypto assets risk-free. Our sophisticated pairing algorithm will ensure the maximum profit possible.

Profit from Leverage
How does it work

How does it work?

Margin trading is a specific form of P2P lending. The loan is usually short-term with high interest rate. The reason why it is profitable for the borrower is simple: the loan interest is linear, while the profit from the leverage grows exponentially.

The lender gains the interest fee right after the deal is finished. 80 % of the amount collected from the transaction fees is furthermore evenly distributed among the token owners. The price of the margin is decided according to the real-time supply and demand.

Easy margin setting

Our platform allows you to easily customize your loans. Simply set the amount of coins you want to lend and state the minimum required interest rate for the P2P lending. Moreover, every currency can have its own settings – it’s all up to you! Our algorithm will recommend you the most beneficial interest rate according to the current situation on the market.

You can check all your earnings and your trading history in your profile. Earn coins and invest them again to earn even more!

Easy margin setting